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Est. 1971


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Unique Recipes


Among our specialties, we recommend the monk fish brodetto (also known as frog-fish or sea-devil), as one of the finest specialties of this house. We also recommend our Adriatic squid; we prepare it in several ways (for example in the oven with potatoes), and we make an amazing squid brodetto.

Another interesting dish that we offer is black porridge - polenta with cuttlefish ink, prawns and squid. We popularized this dish by offering our guests a taste between meals. Many were surprised how such a simple traditional dish in combination with superb Mediterranean ingredients becomes something really special.

Not to forget our meat lovers, we also have meat dishes; for example, our steak with balsamico sauce which we make ourselves, served on a hot platter with vegetables, is another dish that should not be missed.

Tic Tac's biggest specialty are cold starters, often our guests come just because of them. We draw inspiration from Japanese tradition - we serve everything raw, but with a strong influence of local cuisine and ingredients: for example, we serve octopus raw with cheese matured in lambskin, we combine tuna with mint, amberjack or swordfish with capers. We marinate anchovies, sardines, seabass, saddled seabream, we dry tomatoes and marinate them in oil, we make gilt-head bream marinade with onions, capers, olives and pine nuts... We also have shrimps, all kinds of shellfish and crabs, sea urchins, sea eggs...

Since 1971.

Some History and


Restaurant Tic Tac

Hrokešina 5, 22243, Murter - Croatia

+(385) 22 435-230   +(385) 98 864 619

Latitude: 43.821541 | Longitude: 15.589473

N: 43° 49' 17.547" E: 15° 35' 22.103"

Business Hours: Mon - Sat: 15-23h, Sun: closed

Slobodan Pleslić was a child of a lighthouse keeper, and he lived until his fourteenth year on a small island near Murter. After primary school, he finished hospitality school in Zagreb, and then the Catering College in Opatija. He gathered experience sailing on ships around the world, after which he returned to Murter and brought with him the first ever coffee machine on the island. In 1971, he opened the café Tic Tac.
The café quickly became a popular (and only) place for a night out on the island, and a year later it became a restaurant, one of the oldest in the town of Murter. Tic Tac soon became known as an excellent restaurant. We have always been a role model in innovation and quality.
Many restaurant owners in Murter began their careers in Tic Tac, so it can be said that Slobo had an essential influence on the gastronomic presentation of the island.
Tic Tac has been known for years as one of the finest restaurants on our coast. Our recipes are based on the traditional Dalmatian cuisine, with special emphasis on fish and other seafood, of which we strive to create the ultimate gastronomic experience. Simplicity is our philosophy; you will not find lots of exotic spices in our specialties. Our greatest challenge is to achieve perfection using simple combinations of flavours that accentuate the natural taste of fresh, local ingredients.
Since 1971.